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Welcome to Carolina Sunshine BBQ

Welcome to Carolina Sunshine, home of Real Carolina Style Barbeque Sauce. Born in North Carolina and raised in Florida, Carolina Sunshine Barbeque Sauce is probably the best sauce you never had™, at least until now.

Eastern North Carolina style is "whole hog", with a vinegar based sauce with pepper, but no tomato. If you have ever hung around barbeque joints in Eastern North Carolina like Respess Brothers, B’s, Respess James, or Parker's, then you know the style.

To the West of that mythical separation of East and West, I’d reckon around Burlington, the folks have known the Western North Carolina style “dip” at The Lexington, Swicegoods, Short Sugars, and Stamey’s. We have an appreciation for both the East and the West and now carry our own version of the Western North Carolina “dip.” This one has tomato and tanginess you will love!

Order Carolina Sunshine Butt n' Rib Rub- JrBBQ lovers love Carolina Sunshine SaucesCooking a "whole hog" is certainly not for everyone. And while it is true there is no substitute for a good Ol' Pig Pickin, inside this website you will find tips for barbeque and fixins for a smaller gathering of friends or family using our Carolina Sunshine Barbeque Sauce.

Our style comes from years of trial and error and of course years of family secrets. The sauces are that experience and those secrets perfectly blended for pulled pork. Or, following a Florida influence of making a mojo by mixing Carolina Sunshine with orange juice, it's pretty darned good on chicken, too. George Foley's Signature a commitment to darned good barbeque

Come on in, check us out, and thanks for stopping in!

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