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Order Carolina Sunshine Bar-B-Que Sauce Eastern North Carolina Style promoted by Saucy Suzy Recipes from Carolina Sunshine BBQ

Just what ARE our customers saying?

"Just tried your wing sauce for the first time. It is out of sight. My wife is very picky when it comes to bbq wings. She rates your sauce off the charts! Keep up the good work and thanks for great bbq rubs and sauces."
Don D.

"The wing sauce is ridiculously good! I've been putting it on literally everything that's edible. I WILL BE BUYING MORE"
Jay N., Tampa, FL

"Really enjoyed your Carolina Sunshine Bar-B-Que Sauce, The ''Tangy'' sauce hit the taste buds, right on.. Great stuff.. Look forward to many cook outs with the best sauce I've ever had, keep it coming.. "
James W. Day, Biloxi, Ms.

“Excellent!  You may be in Florida - and I may be your first Carolina order - you nailed it!  You put together a perfect blend, people don't know what they are missing"
Kyle, Florence, SC

“I am a HUGE fan of the Carolina Sunshine Hot Bar-B-Que Sauce. I love it that I can put it in the crock pot with a pork loin or chicken breast in the morning and then dinner is done with only spending 15 minutes of my time. The Butt N’ Rib is beyond awesome. In the past I would cover my steak with A1 -- not anymore!"
Jamie, Lithia, FL

“The sauce is FABULOUS! Threw it on some pork last night and it was great!!!!! I might try it on some chicken to see if it tastes just as good. I will definitely be getting more in the future.” 
Christopher, Tampa, FL

“Very good sauce and rubb, really like it with chicken (marinated for 4-5 hours) and the kids loved it too!” 
Adrien, Caymen Islands

“Absolutely Marvelous! It is quite simply one of the finest additions a man can make to his al fresco dining. I would recommend it to any chap who likes to cook in the sunshine. --Bravo George ” 
Andrew, London, England

“I made some pulled pork over the weekend and I have to say, this is as close as I have ever been to back home. I love your sauce and I think you have a customer for life.” 
Shane, Denver, CO

“I’m a huge fan of barbecue…I am a huge fan of your sauce.  It is the best Carolina sauce I have tasted!”
Andy, Apollo Beach, FL  (who incidentally orders every month and is our “biggest and bestest” on-line customer.)

“That’s good f~&#*>! pork!” 
Gina, Riverview, FL at a recent craft fair.  (Yep, that one took us a bit by surprise, too.  :O)

“Better even than what I was raised on.” 
Milton, Greenville, NC   (Milton, now that IS a compliment!)

“Two thumbs up.  My three boys loved the chicken (website recipe).  It was so tender I was cutting it with a plastic knife.  Used the sauce to dip it in.  YUM YUM.  The steak was MY favorite.  Rubbed it with the rub and let it set for about 4 hours.  Was able to grill it up and share with about 8 other people.  I was showing off the packaging with everyone and I think you have some new customers…”
Monica, Lithia, FL

“What great flavor!  A style I had never had before.  I’m sold and stocking up!” 
Dan, Riverview, FL

“ I put it on everything…especially pork. The hot is excellent on collard greens.”
Rick, Pinecrest, FL

“Your Rub was a huge hit!  Most of the loin never made it beyond the grill as my relatives “taste-tested” it before the ladies in the kitchen got a chance!  I WILL be buying more!!!!!”
Bob, St. Petersburg, FL

“I was a bit reluctant to try a vinegar based barbecue sauce… Thanks G, for making me a believer in authentic East North Carolina barbecue sauce!  We substituted your rub for the ____ ____ and ____ ____________ that we used previously on poultry, steak and fish.”
Jay, Tampa, FL (And wouldn’t you love to know what he WAS using!  Thanks Jay!)

“The pork was fabulous with coleslaw!!  BTW…loved the website.”
Heather, Wesley Chapel, FL

“Great stuff! We tried your recipe for pulled pork.  It dresses up a pig nicely.  Next time we’ll get a bigger piece so we have more leftovers.  I’m looking forward to the hot version next time.”
Mike, Pittsburgh, PA

“Mr. Foley, The "Butt n' Rib Rub" is awesome. I coat a few racks of ribs with yellow mustard. Load them up with the rub and smoke in "egg" for 3-4 hours at 325. ”
Ryan, Riverview, FL

“The BBQ sauce worked well on my grilled veggies.  I really liked it…tangy.  I’ll be ordering more!”
I love Carolina Sunshine Barbeque SauceMarilyn, Key West, FL (We don’t frown on “off label” use!  Thanks Marilyn!)

“I bought the Carolina Sunshine BBQ Hot sauce.  I used it to cook a special dinner for 5 other friends and now they all ask if I would order for them as well!”
Jen, Lithia, FL

“We made up some Butt n' Rib Burgers the other night.  That's some good stuff!”
Chris, Fayetteville, AR


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