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New Book Project: Great BBQ Pits and their Masters

I love good barbeque and the people that bring it to us. Coming from all walks of life I found folks that tended their smokers nearly every day. Others were just glad to feed their neighborhoods or family on the weekend. Some had restaurants and some had only the bug for competition cooking. That is the inspiration for this upcoming book: Great BBQ Pits and their Masters.

We need your help!

BBQ BookDo you know a good BBQ joint? see article in .pdf

We are not necessarily looking for "sit-down" restaurants. These restaurants and chains already get their share of attention so we may exclude such places from the project. We're looking for a slice of America that is found on the side of the road; out of the way places, locally famous BBQ heroes, caterers, the "joints" that sell out in the middle of the day, with benches but no tables or few tables, concrete and dirt floors, the smoker and picnic tables under the tree in the church parking lot.that sort of thing. And you caterers and competition teams..why not! We'll give you a look, too ! We may take particular interest in some participants and come for a visit ! This will be a FUN project and labor of love for any BBQ fan. See our progress!

Spread the word and help us get these forms filled out!

E-mail your BBQ photos to gfoley@carolinaSunshineBBQ.com

Want to be notified when the book comes out? Let us know!

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